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Art, Activism and Climate Change

A bit of old writing, an article for Art Monthly on the various exhibitions and art projects which appeared around the 2009 Copenhangen COP-15 Climate Summit.

Art, Activism and Climate ChangeArt Monthly 333, Feb 2010. pp.9-12.

Radical Aesthetics, Radical Art

On 17th Nov, I was invited to hold a sort of public conversation at Loughborough University, with art theorist Stephen Wright. If you’re interested in hearing us ramble through half-formed thoughts on radical aesthetics, art beyond the bounds of the art world, and anticapitalist machines, they’ve put the audio of the discussion up on their site here.

Creativity and Resistance: A Workshop

DATE: Friday 12 November 2010
VENUE: Birkbeck, B03, 43

A half day workshop introducing and exploring historical and contemporary practices of creative approaches to political action, organised and facilitated by the Creative Resistance Research Network

The first half of the event will be a round table discussion about possible definitions and examples of “creative resistance”; the characteristics of such approaches; their particular relevance to various political contexts; their limitations; etc. The second half will be a workshop aiming to practically experiment with some of the questions raised earlier, by exploring ideas and plans for a potential act of creative resistance.

Attendance is free, but send us an email if you’d like to come so we have an idea on numbers!

Bike Bloc

In late 2009, first at Bristol’s Arnolfini gallery, and then at a squat in Copenhagen during the COP-15 Summit, a collective working with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination reverse-engineered a fleet of activist bicycles and then rode them into the demonstrations around the summit. After the action, I took notes in the collective’s last meeting, hiding from the snow and crowded into the one heated room in the Bolsjefabrikken squat (it was a very new space, I’m sure it’s warm all through now!) and tried to record their stories. The short essay which documents the action was published in the US journal Groundswell:

Bike Block Stories,” Groundswell, 1, Feb 2010. pp.2-12.

The action was also documented in the film Just Do It and there a few youtube videos of sections of the project, including one of me trying hard to remain coherent while being incredibly cold and tired.

Second-Wave Situationism?

This is an essay that I wrote for “Fifth Estate Magazine back in 2009. It’s basically a quick-and-dirty overview of a few creative activist projects that were going on at the time. It was also translated into Spanish and Serbian).

Second-Wave Situationism?Fifth Estate, issue 350, Summer 2009. pp.11, 50-51.