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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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with Catherine Flood, “Introduction,” Disobedient Objects, ed. Gavin Grindon and Catherine Flood, V&A Publishing, London, 2014.

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Protests Past and Protests Future: A critical conversation about the state of protest and cultural composition,” with Benj Gerdes and Rodrigo Nunes, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, issue 7, 2009.


with John Jordan, A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible. 2010, self-published pamphlet/zine. Republished in book form 2011 by Minor Compositions/Autonomedia. (Also available in French, German, Polish, Portugese, Turkish, Greek and Italian).


Henri Lefebvre, “Revolutionary Romanticism.” From “Le Romantisme Révolutionnaire.” Nouvelle Review Française, no. 58, 1st October 1957. Reprinted in Au-Delà Du Structuralisme, Éditions Anthropos, Paris, 1971. pp.27-50. A slicker version of this translation was later published in Art in Translation 4:2, 2012.