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Bike Bloc

In late 2009, first at Bristol’s Arnolfini gallery, and then at a squat in Copenhagen during the COP-15 Summit, a collective working with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination reverse-engineered a fleet of activist bicycles and then rode them into the demonstrations around the summit. After the action, I took notes in the collective’s last meeting, hiding from the snow and crowded into the one heated room in the Bolsjefabrikken squat (it was a very new space, I’m sure it’s warm all through now!) and tried to record their stories. The short essay which documents the action was published in the US journal Groundswell:

Bike Block Stories,” Groundswell, 1, Feb 2010. pp.2-12.

The action was also documented in the film Just Do It and there a few youtube videos of sections of the project, including one of me trying hard to remain coherent while being incredibly cold and tired.