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Cruel Designs how-to guide: Identify Riot Control Weapons

Disobedient Objects featured how to guides for making many of the objects, and yellow object labels written by the groups who made or used the objects, telling their own story. I continued this language in Cruel Designs, with yellow object labels written by victims of police violence and spying, border militarisation and state surveillance. There was also one how-to guide, produced in collaboration with the #RiotID project. It tells you how to begin identifying who made the tear gas which might be being fired at you, so you can hold the manufacturers accountable, and get proper medical treatment knowing what hit you. It comes in English and Arabic.

To mark the opening of DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair in London, it is currently hosted on the front page of Banksy’s Dismaland website, with free PDF downloads. You can also get them below. Please spread them around, and keep an eye on the #RiotID hashtag.

dismaland frontpage


How_To_Identify_Riot_Control_Weapons How_To_Identify_Riot_Control_Weapons_Ar