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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cruel Designs how-to guide: Identify Riot Control Weapons

Disobedient Objects featured how to guides for making many of the objects, and yellow object labels written by the groups who made or used the objects, telling their own story. I continued this language in Cruel Designs, with yellow object labels written by victims of police violence and spying, border militarisationĀ and state surveillance. There was […]

Cruel Designs: Border Enclosure/Urban Enclosure

The Museum of Cruel Designs at Banksy’s Dismaland includes a replica piece of the border fence between Melilla and Morocco in Northern Africa, along with testimonial labels from two 16 year old refugeesĀ from Mali about their violent experience of attempting to cross the fence. There are also graphics on the border fence’s various cruel boody-traps, […]

Cruel Designs at Banksy’s Dismaland

My new exhibition, The Museum of Cruel Designs, is part of Banksy’s Dismaland show. Here are a couple of photos of the exhibition – and the catalogue essay is here. I helped with some other bits of it too, but I’ll post about those separately…