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Liberate Tate

There was a new Liberate Tate action this week. There’s a week of performances streamed live on the Liberate Tate site. Yes, that’s my face. A couple of early reports on ArtInfo and the Guardian. Slightly more discreet and less spectacular than the last action, which deposited a two-ton wind turbine blade in the Tate’s turbine […]

What Moves Us? Affective micro-politics in art and activism

(“Cleaning up after capitalism,” The Vacuum Cleaner, 2003.)   I’ve just co-edited a special issue of the journal Parallax with Anja Kanngieser, titled “What Moves Us?” We aimed to focus on the invisible minor, micropolitical aspects of the often very visible, flamboyant ‘creative’ activist projects which have become increasingly visible across social movements, the academy […]

#PDFTribute to Aaron Swartz

I got quoted in a couple of the news pieces on the twitter #PDFTribute to Aaron Swartz, for sharing my articles online for free. There’s one that tells the story nicely here.

The San Francisco Diggers, Performance and Labour

UCL’s Art History department recently organised a symposium on “Performance and Labour.”I gave a paper on the San Francisco Diggers, a political art and theatre collective from the 1960s, looking at their role in the recomposition of social movement culture in the US and the later impacts I’d argue this had on ‘performance’ and ‘participaton’ […]

Together, What Can We Do?

This was a guest post (originally here) for the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest blog, in response to this call out, about how people practicing whatever kind of activist-art can engage with the current vogue for this stuff among big art institutions and how it gets curated by them. The call out was written partly […]

Protest Camps and White Cubes

Reposting a guest blog I wrote for the Protest Camps blog: How might activist-art be supported rather than undermined by the visibility and space offered by contemporary cultural institutions? Reporting on the Truth is Concrete festival in Graz, Austria, guest blogger Gavin Grindon looks at recent trends that bring protest camp structures into the art […]

Un Guide D’Usager Pour Demander L’Impossible

The User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible I co-wrote has been translated into French, and published as a little booklet accompanying issue 108 of the Canadian magazine Inter: Art Actuel. Un Guide D’Usager Pour Demander L’Impossible

A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible

I wrote this text with John Jordan in a real hurry over three days in Dec 2010, between the first and second days of action by UK students against the government cuts. It was intended to be a simple, accessible intro to creative activist histories and strategies, and to prompt some reflection on what different […]

How to Draw Capitalism? Iconography and the Occupy Movement

Last week I was part of organising a workshop at Occupy London. Reposting this report on the event from the Protest Camps blog:   Last Wednesdaythe Creative Resistance Research Network hosted the first ‘How to Draw Capitalism‘ workshop at Occupy Finsbury Square. Sat in a circle as the sky drew dark and air turned cold, […]

Open Discussion With Ben Morea of Black Mask / Up Against the Wall Motherfucker

I organised an event last month at LARC in East London with the folks at Red Channels, which I was really excited about. We’re Here to Talk About the Family: A discussion with Ben Morea 17th June, 18.00-19.30, LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London. Please join us for an open discussion with Ben Morea, publisher of […]