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Cruel Designs how-to guide: Identify Riot Control Weapons

Disobedient Objects featured how to guides for making many of the objects, and yellow object labels written by the groups who made or used the objects, telling their own story. I continued this language in Cruel Designs, with yellow object labels written by victims of police violence and spying, border militarisation and state surveillance. There was […]

Cruel Designs: Border Enclosure/Urban Enclosure

The Museum of Cruel Designs at Banksy’s Dismaland includes a replica piece of the border fence between Melilla and Morocco in Northern Africa, along with testimonial labels from two 16 year old refugees from Mali about their violent experience of attempting to cross the fence. There are also graphics on the border fence’s various cruel boody-traps, […]

Cruel Designs at Banksy’s Dismaland

My new exhibition, The Museum of Cruel Designs, is part of Banksy’s Dismaland show. Here are a couple of photos of the exhibition – and the catalogue essay is here. I helped with some other bits of it too, but I’ll post about those separately…  

The Museum Divide: Beyond Institutional Critique

This is a video of a talk I gave at the opening of The Natural History Museum, at the Queens Museum in New York with Hans Haacke and Mark Dion, on the past and future of institutional critique. It draws out some of the similarities between the NHM and Disobedient Objects as new forms of institutional […]

Disobedient Objects: most visited V&A exhibition since 1946.

Disobedient Objects has just closed, and turns out it was the most well attended exhibition at the V&A since 1946’s Britain Can Make It, with 417,000 visitors. Both exhibitions about austerity, in different ways… There’s some pretty special pathe news footage of Britain Can Make it from 1946 here:   And a bit of me talking […]

Disobedient Objects: Pamphlet Bomb film

  As part of the Disobedient Objects exhibition, we produced an interactive online film telling the story behind these pamphlet bomb designs, used as part of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. You can watch the film right now here.  

Disobedient Objects DIY tear gas mask guides used in Ferguson and Hong Kong protests.

  This was pretty exciting – the ‘how to’ guides from the exhibition fed back into movements and got used by people protesting in Ferguson against police killings, and then in Hong Kong’s democracy protests, all while the show is still open. The masks spread as a way for people to protect and care for each other. There’s […]

A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible

Some amazing Greek friends have set up a wordpress site to host all of the translations of The User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible. More to be uploaded in time, but you can see the site (and contribute a translation!) at: http://demandingimpossible.wordpress.com/    

Crossposting from the V&A blog. An introduction to the exhibition Disobedient Objects, which I’m co-curating at the V&A from July 2014-Feb 2015. This is a shortened version of the introductory essay you can find in the accompanying book. You can find a lot more posts on the exhibition over at the V&A blog.   What […]

Guia Para Exigir O Impossivel

The Portugese translation of A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible came out last month in Brazil, courtesy of Agência Transitiva. They just sent me a lovely email with a PDF Copy. “… many protests going on in the city and around brasil, looks like our antenna was working and perfect timing. We already printed […]