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Hello, this is my website. It’s basically a place for me to post up things I’ve written, which are mostly about art, theory and politics in various combinations. As an academic my research focuses on political art and curating practices; the history of activist-art; and theories of political aesthetics. I have a related interest in the intellectual history of social movement ideas, especially theories of revolution-as-festival. You can find some things I’ve written about these things under the ‘writing’ tab to the left.

As far as employment goes, I’m currently lecturer in contemporary art and curating in the University of Essex’s School of Philosophy and Art History. I was previously visiting research fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and have taught at Manchester, Birkbeck and Goldsmiths universities.

I like to hear from people interested in similar things. You can write to me at GavinGrindon @ Gmail [dot] com